Temporary Fencing in Wisconsin: AmeriFence Corporation of Madison

In most cases, when you purchase a fence, it’s with the hope of setting up a one-time, permanent installation: vinyl pickets to enclose your home, high-security fencing for your substation, mechanical equipment screening for the purpose of obscuring HVACs and dumpsters from public view. However, there are cases where you simply need temporary fencing—say, for crowd control and defining boundaries at public events. (The kind easily disassembled, put in storage, and set up again when the need arises.) If you need temporary fencing in Wisconsin, look no further than AmeriFence Corporation of Madison and our sister division American Fence Rental.

In what situations is temporary fencing in Wisconsin helpful?

Rental fence panels are ideal for security, crowd control, vehicle guidance, and privacy at public events such as concerts and golf tournaments. You can also use them at one-time private events such as weddings as well as at temporary operations such as construction zones.

What are my options for temporary fencing in Wisconsin?

When it comes to these non-permanent barriers, you can pick out the kind befitting your occasion and security needs. (Obviously, a temp fence for crowd control at a wedding should not be equipped with barbed wire like temp fencing for a high-security venue.)

  • Chain Link Temp Fences. All the benefits of ordinary chain link fencing—durability, visibility, ventilation—without the permanent installation. Our temporary chain link fence panels can be set in portable stands or anchored with sandbags. If extra security is needed, however, they can be installed with posts driven into the ground.
  • Temporary Panel Fences. In our mission to provide the best temporary fence panels, we’ve developed this customizable brand, which is easily configured and reconfigured. Installation options include freestanding panels and posts driven into the pavement.
  • Temporary Gates. For settings that require total enclosure—say, a construction site after work hours—you’ll need a temporary gate. American Fence Rental of Madison offers the following: vehicle swing gates, vehicle slide gates, and pedestrian gates.
  • Windscreens. Have you installed a chain link fence—temporary or permanent—and decided in hindsight that, on occasion, you’d like some kind of cover to help keep out wind, dirt, and prying eyes? If this is the case, check out American Fence Rental’s highly customizable windscreens. In addition to increasing privacy and efficiency, these screens can be fabricated to display signature colors, logos, and advertising.
  • Barricades. When it comes to public events such as concerts, weddings, and parades, it helps to have non-permanent barricades. These items can be installed without the use of special equipment.
  • Security. In those situations where you need a non-permanent fence that is nonetheless equipped with extra security features, look no further than our options on barbed wire, bottom tension wire, and the UltraLatch—a special security device that not even bolt cutters can gnaw through. We also offer a broad selection of access control devices.

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