Temporary Fence

Ameristar of Madison is your go-to contractor when it is time to provide a temporary security fence. For more than 50 years throughout the Midwest, we have been the contractor of choice for rental fence and security solutions. Whether a job site to protect the public or eliminate others from entry, areas of disaster, and special events.

Our staff understands your current needs and the potential needs as your project progresses. We offer, but are not limited to:

  • Chain link fence
  • Panels and stands
  • Entrance gates
  • Screening for privacy
  • Crowd barriers

We inventory the materials and we are ready to get you secured!

Chain Link Fence
The most common option and the option with the best security is driving steel posts into the ground and applying chain link fabric. This can be done with or without a top rail. Looking for privacy from the public, we can add screening to the chain link fabric.

As one may think, job sites and disaster areas become easy targets for theft. This can include new materials, copper tubing, and even tools used by trades onsite. By adding a temporary fence with screening, the ability to identify locations of easy access becomes much more challenging.

When this is a good option for you:

  • Job sites with easy access to new materials and trade tools.
  • Disaster areas in which others feel are good opportunities to pilfer through items that were not damaged and retain value.
  • Areas to keep the general public out or away from work being completed within the perimeter fence.
  • Events that require paid entry and controlling alcohol.

Chain Link Panels
AmeriFence of Madison stocks thousands of feet of 6’ tall, chain link panels. Panels are a great option when the fence is installed on top of existing concrete or asphalt. Each 12’ wide panel is interlocked to the next. Panels sit within stands that are anchored down by sandbags. Another great feature of panels is that they are easy to relocate as your project proceeds. AmeriFence of Madison can easily relocate your fence as you see fit.

Crowd Barriers
AmeriFence of Madison can provide and install barricades which is a common choice for easy crowd control and easy relocation. Crowd barriers are not so much for keeping people in or out, as it is to separate groups in an attempt to block off areas in which specific people have a right to be inside or out. This is common for races or creating routes for traffic to follow to an entrance of an event.

Good fit for:

  • Providing a barrier that excludes non-participants from entry or potential injury.
  • Easy relocation.

Temporary Gates
AmeriFence of Madison can provide or fabricate any type of gate you may require for temporary fence installations. Commonly, swing gates are the most utilized for these scenarios. Don’t forget the walk gates to help separate driving lanes versus access for intended individuals. When we review a project, we keep your security and everyone’s safety in mind. Job sites and social events are stressful enough. Eliminating theft, injury, and controlling access into these events are easily designed by AmeriFence of Madison. Need access control or gate operators for additional control of access, not a problem. Liability is what keeps us up at night. AmeriFence wants to provide you the security and assurance that allows you to focus on the job at hand.

AmeriFence of Madison stands ready to provide your temporary fence needs. We are your Madison fence contractor.