Madison Commercial Fencing for Businesses

Offering a broad selection of high quality commercial fence options in Madison, WI, along with efficient installation carried out by trained professionals, AmeriFence Corporation of Madison has earned its reputation as the premier fence company in Madison as well as the Midwest region. Our commercial fences come in many forms – vinyl fences, wood fences, ornamental fences, chain link fences, sports fences – and our decades of experience means we are able to handle any business’s commercial fencing needs in Madison and surrounding communities. Security fences, gates, and K-rated automobile barriers are also among the products we sell, install, and service. So if you are wondering, “Is there a fence company near me in Madison, one able to handle all of my fencing needs?” then look no further! Construction companies in need of temporary fencing, restaurants seeking an elegant patio fence, etc., this fence contractor in Madison, and the experts employed here, have the solution.

Commercial Fence Services

Contracted Commercial Fence Installation

When it comes to fence contractors in Madison, you can place your trust in our local team. AmeriFence Corporation has warehouses across the Midwest region, stocked with more than 100,000 square feet of material – wood fences, vinyl fences, ornamental fences, temporary fences, security fences, you name it.

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Wholesale Fence Materials

AmeriFence Corporation of Madison’s considerable buying power has acquired over 18 acres of fence materials. This means we sell fence materials (wood, vinyl, ornamental, etc.) wholesale to both fence companies and fence contractors in Madison.

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Commercial Products

Commercial Vinyl Fencing

  • Wide variety of colors & styles
  • Extremely durable
  • Low maintenance

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Commercial Wood Fencing

  • Many quality wood options
  • Beauty & warmth appearance
  • Multiple types & styles

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Commercial Ornamental Fencing

  • Elegant, timeless style
  • Various picket and rail styles
  • Prefabricated fence panels

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Sports Fencing

  • Sports-grade material
  • Multiple sporting fence types
  • Arenas, water parks, backstops

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Architectural Screening

  • Great air flow & ventilation
  • Controllable visibility
  • Rigid picture frame design

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K-Rated Barriers

  • Stops vehicles at high speeds
  • Ideal for high security facilities
  • Wedges, bollards, barrier arms

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High Security

  • Certified high security installers
  • Code compliant materials
  • Fencing, gates & barriers

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  • Chain link, vinyl & ornamental
  • Swing, slide & pedestrian gates
  • Manual or automated options

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Automated Gates

  • Secure home access
  • High quality gate systems
  • Installation & repairs

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  • Custom made to order
  • Ornamental & vinyl styles
  • Large adornment selection

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  • Custom made to order
  • Vinyl, wood, or metal
  • Pergolas, arbors and more

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Temporary Fence

  • Multiple security options
  • Movable & adjustable
  • For events & construction sites

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When you contract services from AmeriFence Corporation, you are not dealing with your average commercial fence contractor in Madison. You will be recruiting services and expertise from the Midwest’s number one fence company, one extremely diverse and fully equipped to meet all of your fencing needs. The teams here at AmeriFence Corporation consist of trained, experienced professionals, the foremost experts on commercial fences, access control, and security. No matter what your commercial fence needs – whether you need an automated gate for your estate, or a security fence to protect your business, or architectural screenings that provide visibility while also permitting ventilation – we are the fence company in Madison to call.


Recognizing that every commercial fence installation begins with a well-informed professional, we take great measure to ensure that all of our staff are carefully trained. Our Fence Certification Program, which all installation staff must complete, consists of 18 lessons spanning every aspect of the fence industry. They learn to build commercial fences of all kinds – including vinyl, ornamental, and wood – and also participate in annual recertification, so that they remain up to date on commercial fence installation efficiency and safety. Further training is achieved through four all-day events, as well as encompassing access control tech certification and education on high security applications.


Committed to keeping our customers in the loop, AmeriFence Corporation of Madison maintains communication with our clients. Our project managers collaborate directly with sales and supervisory staff so that our clientele remains informed on the current status of their new fence. What’s more, we make use of a formidable CRM system so that critical updates and milestones are made aware to everyone involved. This keeps the fence installation process moving efficiently.


Safety is a top priority with us, and our commitment to the well being of our clients and our employees has achieved an MOD rating of 0.73 for AmeriFence Corporation. A significantly low rating, much lower than the averages for both the construction and fence industries. Our company employs more than a dozen equipment certification programs, has carefully planned out the best safety practices, and all of this is managed by safety directors on both the national and local branch levels. All of our commercial fence installers in Madison are certified in first aid, CPR, and OSHA.


Having installed fences in Madison and across the continental U.S. for more than fifty years, AmeriFence Corporation specializes in everything from high security to sophisticated access control systems to engineered custom metals to vehicle crash barriers. We can service and maintain our products, which is something else that makes us dependable: our relationship with our clients goes on even after the fence has been installed.


Our commercial fence installations are found across the continental U.S., used by parks, attractions, sporting areas, nuclear power plants, data centers, and more.


  • Size matters. AmeriFence Corporation operates ten branches and multiple divisions in eight different states. Our 300 plus employees matter. AmeriFence Corporation has performed work or delivered finished products to every State within the continental United States.
  • Our wheelhouse is spacious. We have installed several hydraulic wedges and bollards, DoD certified crash rated barriers, speed gates, crash rated barrier arms, and high-speed
  • CRM software. This new CRM software is fully operational with new modules being continually added to enhance efficiency and crew performance.
  • Project managers lead to better project management. AmeriFence Corporation of Madison has employed commercial and residential project managers to champion a better customer experience. In the last two years, we have successfully launched project managers into every aspect of a project.
  • We cannot wait for you to ask about our safety program. Our program is a multiple prong approach to safety which has led to a .73 MOD rate. It is expansive, impacting and results driven. AmeriFence Corporation has achieved five consecutive years of reduced MOD rates. We have created dozens of industry specific safe practices and equipment certification programs. Our installation crews are required to meet the highest safety standards that include CDLs and 30-hour training session.
  • American Access Company is a division of AmeriFence Corporation. Our access control division is a team of access control professionals who are professionally trained and focus exclusively on gate access systems. Since 2017, AmeriFence Corporation recognized that our industry’s fence contractors in Madison have not risen to the demand of today’s gate access control systems. Thus, we decided to outwardly commit to this demand by creating an entire division committed to providing access control services.
  • Our belief in team makes the difference. AmeriFence Corporation has over forty company installation crews. We believe that your employees support what we collective create. In the last three years, we have significantly increased employee wages and added multiple benefit packages including additional PTO. We are building a sustainable employee group of professionals.