New Look and Price for PalmSHIELD’s Horizontal Louvers!

PalmSHIELD’s most popular product, the horizontal louver, is getting a new look and a new price! For 50 years, PalmSHIELD customers have trusted our louvered architectural screening to protect and provide airflow for dumpster enclosures, mechanical equipment, rooftop equipment, and more. Now, PalmSHIELD is offering a new design for our horizontal louvers that retains the airflow but with a more sleek, modern aesthetic. Best of all, the Asia louvered design is at a more economic-friendly price point than our fully framed system! The Asia louver is perfect for commercial and industrial applications on a budget.

When manufacturers streamline their design to cut costs for the customer, sometimes structural integrity is sacrificed. Not to worry! PalmSHIELD’s expert fabricators have tirelessly worked to design the Asia screening to retain the same security, durability, and integrity of our fully framed systems. The cleaner Asia design still features all-aluminum, still combines media blasting and extra-durable coatings, still uses robust columns and baseplates, and still utilizes intermediate structural supports across the back of the system. So, whether you are protecting an expensive HVAC or simply enclosing an often-used dumpster, the Asia louvers will provide the security you are searching for.

Often, architectural screening and mechanical equipment screening are the last portion of a project to be designed and installed. No architect or engineer wants to go over budget and spend valuable hours designing the very last details of a large project. Now, PalmSHIELD has you covered on both of those fronts. Our Asia louvers are a cost-effective option for architectural screening, plus we have free CAD drawings and specifications available on our website! So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that can be quickly implemented into your plans, look no further than the Asia Louvers. PalmSHIELD is working in cooperation with AmeriFence Corporation of Madison.  One more reason we are your Madison fence company.  

Cut costs instead of quality. Contact us today for a free quote on the Asia louvers!