How to Anchor Correctly Based on Engineering Review

AmeriFence of Madison offers PalmShield. PalmShield is your best option for a decorative, engineered, louvered panel system! It has met the category one, 90 mph wind load requirements for architectural louvered panel screening. We do not provide stamped engineered drawings but rest assured, our design will meet your designed wind load requirements.

As to the anchoring that is used, it is ultimately your decision on how to proceed when installing the plated posts to your concrete pavement. The base plates that are anchored consist of a very wide, ¾” thick plate. Our plates are welded and gusseted in accordance with AWS D1.2 requirements. Our plates allow the anchor holes to be spaced at approximately 7” apart. This distance helps reduce any overlapping tension that may be placed by adjoining anchors.

If your anchoring is spaced less, the load upon the concrete becomes greater, creating a greater opportunity for the concrete to spawl or fail. We suggest your concrete to be a minimum of 4000 psi. It is also extremely important to place your anchored posts in from the edge of the concrete to help prevent the load from sprawling the concrete.

Please understand that AmeriFence of Madison is not recommending any anchor, anchor spacing, or the depth of the anchor you select. Based on years of experience installing PalmShield, we are providing our advice on how you should proceed if your intention is to install yourself. If you make us aware at the time of estimating your project and we receive your site-specific engineering requirements, PalmShield will provide you with the engineering that is specific to the proper anchor requirements. PalmShield continues to be stamped for approval in numerous installations on a site-specific basis. They will continue to work with engineers to meet your requirements. PalmShield can be further reviewed at their website at

To learn more about PalmSHIELD, please visit our website at

At AmeriFence of Madison, we are extremely proud of our relationship with PalmShield and their success to continuously evolve! One more reason we are your Madison fence company.