How to Gate Areas with Hills and Valleys

If your area for a gate, unfortunately, includes ups and downs in grade, then we have a gate option that is ideal for your situation!

AmeriFence of Madison, knows when a gate-type will and will not work for your current application. We will briefly discuss the most common types of gates and then we will answer the question of what is best for areas with hills and valleys.

Swing Gates:

As the title implies, they pivot and can swing inward or outward. As anticipated, any areas with an upward slope will prevent this type of gate from continuing in movement, as it will bottom out. This type of gate can be automated but works best on a level grade. This is the most common type of gate.

Cantilever Gate:

This gate is a sliding gate that runs off of fixed rollers attached to the posts. The gate must be level at all times. If you have ups and downs in your gate area, then the gate has to be lifted high enough to clear these areas. This applies to both the gate opening and where the gate stores when it is in the open position. This gate is commonly automated, but must be level. As imagined, if not level, it will greatly speed up when either closing or opening. This places everyone in an extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening position. In addition, this goes against being compliant with ASTM F2200.

Pivot Gate:

We discussed this gate specifically in a past blog. It is only to be utilized with an operator. It is expensive but is a great option for access-controlled areas with limited space options.

Rolling Gate:

Rolling gates are similar to cantilever gates in that they slide. They require no counterbalance tail, which means the overall length for the same size of the opening is less than that of a cantilever gate. It has wheels that touch the ground and connects to the fence line by rollers affixed to a track. This gate shouldn’t be automated, however, it is perfect for areas where gates need to travel over hills and valleys.

At AmeriFence of Madison, we know our gates! One more reason we are your Madison fence contractor. We know what will work for your application and what potential issues you may run into selecting a not-so-ideal gate, that best meets your needs and budget!