Automating Your Gate Systems

AmeriFence of Madison is an expert when promoting, installing, and ensuring you are following ASTM and UL requirements. The easiest, and potentially least expensive option for automating a gate system is that you can utilize a cantilever gate. The type of gate hovers above grade and slides in the open and close position. This helps battle snow or terrain changes that you may interfere with swinging gates. With swing gates, you generally require two individual gates to cover a larger opening. This is usually accomplished with one cantilever gate. Each gate leaf itself requires a gate operator, so as originally indicated, a one gate system like a cantilever gate will cost you less to automate.

AmeriFence of Madison installs numerous, automated cantilever gates each year. This includes all types of applications from residential to high security. One more reason we are your Madison fence company. As previously mentioned, cantilever gates also provide a few obstacles to provide ultimate security. The ground that they close over, as well as the area that they open into, must be extremely level. Any areas that reveal a grade change must be reflected in how level this type of gate must be. The gate must be level to travel correctly and not create interference with the operator. If grading is an issue, then the gate must be raised to achieve this degree of levelness.

Cantilever gates are manufactured out of either steel or aluminum. Steel gates are generally less expensive than aluminum but create greater wear and tear on the operator. Each material usually requires a different type of hardware to install.

There are two popular types of cantilever gates. Steel cantilever gates that use an all-steel frame where the top and bottom horizontal frame members are also the track for the gate to roll on. The gate is pinched between two bottom and top sets of rollers. Roller covers must be installed to protect all who come in contact with or who use it, in accordance with UL 325 and ASTM 2200. Aluminum cantilever gates use an aluminum frame with an extruded track at the top and sometimes bottom. Trucks or trolleys (roller assemblies) are installed so that these run inside this track to support the gate from the support posts. At the bottom, there are guide wheels or additional tracks for longer gates, that keep the gate plumb and centered. Steel cantilever gates are very reliable and are typically cheaper. Aluminum cantilever gates are definitely lighter and a great platform for an ornamental look, they also are easier on the life of the operator (when used in an automated system).

In addition to automating your gate, it is our mission to make sure that you are UL325 and ASTM F2200 compliant. There are many factors that are required for each type of automated gate. Rest assured, our estimators and installers are certified and well trained to make sure that what we install provides you with the security and peace of mind that you deserve. In addition, we service all types of automated gates, so whether it is our installation or not, we are proud to offer a compliance review for you so that you understand any potential liabilities that you may need to be made aware of in utilizing your automated gate system.