Security Enclosure Options

AmeriFence of Madison is proud to offer PalmShield. What is PalmShield? PalmShield is a louvered, secured system for equipment enclosures and for those looking for an untraditional style of fencing. With an increase in precious metal values, those looking to take advantage of equipment that includes precious metals such as copper have stepped up their game. The increase in damaged equipment with the intent of removing these precious metals has grown to an all-time high!

You have multiple options to help reduce this type of theft. Lighting, motion detectors, and alarms are all good attempts. These are installed with the best of intentions, however, the reality is that you have now promoted areas of value and to make you aware through alarm notification of the action in the process, but they do very little to deter the action from being attempted. PalmShield is a product line that AmeriFence of Madison has installed for years. We understand your vulnerability and the potential distraction that this type of loss will be realized by your corporation or home.

PalmShield is a louvered enclosure with the intent to provide the fullest amount of perimeter security on the market today with the ability to allow air movement through the enclosure. Even though equipment enclosures are a common scenario that this product is used for, we have installed PalmShield for multiple, different applications, if for anything more, it provides aesthetics not commonly seen in the fencing world today!

PalmShield not only includes panels fabricated in aluminum, but they are also then powder coated and installed with stainless steel anchors. The hinges and panels are interlocking systems that will challenge the best-of-the-best when they decide to target your necessities to run a business or protect a household. Whether we complete the installation or you prefer to use your own staff, we provide well-packaged materials and a layout to ensure that you are well prepared in completing your own installation if you so choose.

AmeriFence of Madison provides options and services that are so uncommon within our industry that you will be surprised at what we don’t offer! One more reason we are your Madison fence company.