Gates That Pivot Vertically

Vertical pivot gates eliminate the issue when you have limited space to slide open a gate or large gaps that may be revealed under traditional gates. AmeriFence of Madison has experience with these types of gate systems. One more reason we are your Madison fence contractor.

A vertical pivot gate is a lighter weight gate that does just that, it pivots up and down from one side of the gate opening. This type of gate setup also requires a gate operator. This specific operator requires a spring for tension and hydraulics. Working in combination, the spring and hydraulic cylinder allow this type of gate system to work safely and controlling access on and off your property.

This type of gate system works best for limited space, meaning you don’t have the travel area for a standard slide gate or the requirement for two swing gates. Just as important is this type of gate’s ability to sit at rest directly above grade. The slope of the surrounding grade of the entrance doesn’t affect how low this gate can be placed to the established grade.

One other key component to pivot gates is that snow and ice have very little bearing on this type of gate system. At AmeriFence in Madison, the weather is an issue for automated gates as gates travel when sliding or swinging into snow that has piled up. As anticipated, a vertical gate doesn’t have these challenges as they simply pivot upwards.

As with all things good, the one downside to this type of gate system is the cost. The operator is engineered to operate a gate from a single point. This means that the operator is powerful and includes more weight to help offset the movement of this type of gate. Just as important, the operator requires a significant pad to be installed to allow for the operator to rest upon. These requirements do drive up the costs, however, the return on investment is huge when you can install a gate into tight areas allowing entrance onto your facilities.