Best Way to Defend Your Fence – Gate Locks

Most homeowners feel secure in knowing that their front door is securely locked and the opportunity for theft has been greatly reduced. The reality of the situation is that front doors are one of the multiple entries into your home. In having a privacy fence, you feel secure in keeping your pets and children in. You should also be asking if you have done something about keeping the undesirables out. Most fence locks allow for you to install a padlock. Few chose to incorporate padlocks at all, and when they do, an inexpensive set of bolt cutters will get you through them.

Homeowners may have not considered what I have discussed above. The good news is that AmeriFence of Madison is on your side. We are aware of multiple, inexpensive opportunities that will help prevent this from happening by offering inexpensive options, that only allow your fence to be locked from the inside, or at a minimum, increase your overall security. This now means that so-called thieves will have much more work or exposure in accomplishing their bad intentions.

  • Lokk Latch: This type of latch is available in multiple options in which your lock can be keyed from both or just one side of the entry. No padlock required.
  • Simplex: Eliminate the padlock and key. This is a keypad lock that allows you to exit through the gate on either side.
  • Lockey: This is a single-sided, inexpensive lock. A great option for a specific gate that is normally used in only one direction.
  • Mighty Mag: A lock used mostly for fences with the intent to keep children inside the fence line. It stands above the fence line, to reduce accessibility. This type of latch allows you to enter from either side of the fence line.

AmeriFence of Madison understands the need for home protection. As a homeowner, you may pay that added expense for an upgraded lock at your front door. We are your Madison fence contractor, and AmeriFence of Madison challenges you to take that same thought process when adding the correct latch to your fence. Call to schedule your free fence estimate today.