How to Protect Job Sites from Thefts

In recent years, there has been an increase in construction site thefts. AmeriFence of Madison has been providing and installing construction site security fences. We know that contractors are doing what they can to help reduce these losses, but yet, thieves still get onsite and create losses of materials and labor. Previously, we have provided some past suggestions on how to help curb these incidents. In reviewing the most current statistics on job site thefts, we are now going to provide our “How-to” for job site security, in which past thefts could have been avoided through the security fence installation.

Both visitor and employee parking should be protected. Both should be fenced in. Madison fencing eliminates poorly illuminated areas from being an ideal opportunity for thieves to park and prepare. Eliminate this opportunity for thieves and greatly reduce your odds of avoiding site theft.

Adding shade cloth/windscreen is another helpful tactic in protecting construction sites from theft. In using cloth/windscreens, you have now reduced exposure to potential thieves on your scope of work, potential material staged on-site, and their quickest way in and out. Remove their vision of sight, reduce your odds for theft, increase the level of safety for your site.

Keep your Madison security fence in good working order. This means that if inadvertent damage occurred, don’t waste time on repairs. Creating such opportunities only benefits those with bad intentions.

At the time of installation, make sure that your security fence is installed “Tight to the Ground”. In doing so, you avoid leaving gaps or easy areas of entrance for potential theft. Understand that theft can be generated from both exterior and interior opportunists. This means that you need to be aware of your Madison security fence at all times as you never know who is the driving force in the theft. I can assure you that those with bad intentions have a much better understanding of where your most vulnerable areas for theft can occur.

Control what enters and leaves your job site. This usually is accomplished by someone within your team taking the time to manage what comes onto and leaves your sight at all times. Even with a great security fence in Madison, you can only reduce theft by so much. Usually what is identified is that the loss comes from within.

AmeriFence of Madison provides the largest temporary construction site fencing. We are the largest provider of temporary construction site fencing in the Midwest. Along with the materials and the heritage comes the years of experience in assisting you to become as secure as you can be, with our attempt to greatly reduce the amount of potential loss that may be realized on your next job site! Remember that when it comes to construction sites, both visitors and employees need to be safe. Visit our site at to request a free estimate to help ensure that you are taking the precautions required, so that your larger focus at hand, remains just that. One more reason we are your Madison fence company.

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