Madison Split Rail Fencing

When you think of the country or rural fences in Madison Wisconsin, you probably picture a split rail fence. These durable Madison fences are often seen at parks and campgrounds too. They are a great, unobtrusive, cost-effective way to separate areas. Split rail fences can also be used to keep farm animals in – with the added bonus of not being a trap for hoofs to get caught in. They have a very classic and rural feel to them. AmeriFence of Madison has been installing split rail fences for over 50 years.

We can install the classic Cedar jumbo split rail or a vinyl option. There are many benefits to the Vinyl options. They don’t require any upkeep to stay looking like new. They are not vulnerable to insects like wood is. These Madison fences are extremely durable and actually are stronger than wood. Whether you’re looking for a crisp, clean look or want a rustic, rural look, AmeriFence of Madison can help. We are your Madison fence company. Give us a call today to discuss your options at (608) 509-5857.