Perforated Panel: Another Madison Security Fence Option

Perforated panel systems from PalmSHIELD are made of aluminum, which makes them very lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The perforated quality of these panels allows whatever amount of airflow, light, and visibility you would prefer. These Madison security fence panels are great when installed as screens, partitions, guards, enclosures, and sign panels.

PalmSHIELD’s perforated panel screen systems are a type of Madison security fence that comes with a wide array of hole sizes and metal sheet thicknesses. This style of security fence allows a controllable amount of visibility and airflow.

Aluminum Perforated Panel Benefits

  • Very strong and lightweight
  • Controllable
    • sound pollution
    • airflow
    • light-to-shade ratio
  • Customizable visibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Wide selection of sizing options

PalmSHIELD is working in cooperation with AmeriFence Corporation of Madison.  One more reason we are your Madison fence company. To find out more information about aluminum perforated panel screen systems or to get a free quote, visit PalmSHIELD Louvers today.

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