Your Best Choice for Large Cantilever Gates in Madison!

AmeriFence Corporation takes pride in making every gate a success. We fully test all Madison cantilever gates sixty-five feet or longer that have a mechanical splice in our shop.  This is not an easy task but is a very important step towards having a worry-free gate for years to come.  During our rigorous testing process, we replicate field conditions using a series of blocks and lifts.  The lifts and blocks are slowly removed until the gate is supported just as it will be in the field.

This is where we ensure that the gate has been built to spec and will withstand field conditions.  After the gate is set up to field conditions (fully cantilevered) it is checked for level from one end to the other.  AmeriFence Corporation of Madison’s unique splice detail is meticulously inspected for any separation or lips that may occur.  Our in-house engineering and fabrication team has years of experience and recognizes that even the slightest imperfection will cause considerable disruption in the travel of the gate. That is why we place such a premium on the inspection and is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition.

AmeriFence of Madison uses a splice that is our unique engineering.  Using over thirty-two each ½” grade A hex bolts and almost sixteen feet of ½” plate, the splice detail pulls the two halves of the gate together and holds these firm even under thousands of pounds of pressure.  We also use a 5/16” cable for trussing that is unique to the industry.  This heavy-weight cable does not allow the gate to flex or bounce when fully cantilevered and is just another way that AmeriFence of Madison ensures a solid and reliable gate for years.

AmeriFence Corporation builds more than a thousand gates in Madison each year.  Each and every gate is engineered with a combination of proven design concepts and materials. Another reason we are your Madison gate contractor of choice: we pride ourselves on making every gate a success.