PalmSHIELD Heads to LA

AmeriFence of Madison is more than just your standard fencing company. Our PalmSHIELD division specializes in custom, louvered enclosures, and gates. We are proud to say that the City of Los Angeles Water and Power chose PalmSHIELD to enclose their mechanical equipment. L.A. has a stringent set of requirements when it comes to its mechanical equipment louvered systems. It takes a well-organized, professional company to complete a project like this. AmeriFence of Madison – PalmSHIELD division was able to meet that challenge.

To meet the high standards required for a project such as this, the louvered enclosures had to be specifically fabricated for the unique site conditions. They had to pass a 31 pounds per square foot pressure test. Each of the 6 inch by 6-inch square gate posts required a special flange fabrication due to weight requirements and limited wall width on site. AmeriFence of Madison – PalmSHIELD’s engineering team considered the cone effect of both horizontal and vertically placed wedges vs pressure anchors. PalmSHIELD is working in cooperation with AmeriFence Corporation of Madison. Another reason we are your Madison fence company, the project turned out beautifully! 

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