Custom Decorative Metals provider.

Did you know that AmeriFence Corporation provides more decorative custom metals products than any other fabricator in the Midwest? You can find our custom metals work in some of our most beautiful homes, universities, state capitols, and nuclear power plants. Our work spreads across the United States from coast to coast.

American Fence Companies has a central point of fabrication in our branch service division. With over ten thousand feet of fabrication, a team of certified welders, draftsmen, and designers; we can build it.
Our company brings an uncommon comprehensive approach to custom metals work. We are the only complete provider. Not only will AmeriFence Corporation fabricate and install your project; we have an interest and ability to help you decide the best means to approach your project. Does your project require an artisan one of kind fabrication or can you use a high-quality prefabricated manufactured product?
There are those projects that require custom ornamental frontage railings, fences, and gates. However, to stay within budget, the balance of the project may be manufactured prefabricated less expensive products. We can provide options for both installations and assure harmony between the two products. One more reason we are your Madison fence contractor.

With more and more delegated design requirements and required engineering calculations and drawings; the best option may be a manufactured prefabricated product that has been pre-engineered, tested, and provides readily available performance calculations. AmeriFence Corporation has provided these products to meet guardrail and wind load requirements on everything from multifamily residences to retaining walls.
Owners, engineers, and architects are taking real notice of the IBC and UBC code requirements relative to drops greater than thirty inches along with public access areas. These areas require a guardrail product with openings less than four inches designed to meet vertical and horizontal load requirements. These products must meet specific rigidity performance requirements and have the performance calculations to support them.