Residential Ornamental Iron has Come a Long Way!

Gone are the days of stick welding panels in shops after field measuring followed by crudely painting ornament iron panels. This process was time-consuming, costly, and produced a sub-par product that often required repairs within a few years.

AmeriFence of Madison works with many ornamental iron manufacturers (as well as having our own custom metals shop!) today that solve many of the issues of the older versions.

The first improvement is the rack-ability of the panels. Rather than having to field verify the exact location of each panel, measure the slope, and then weld a panel to fit the slope, today’s panels are flexible. Each picket is hinged so that the rails will follow the slope while the pickets stay plumb. This means that a bundle of panels can be taken to a site and ‘racked’ as they are installed.

The next major improvement is the coatings. We are a long way away from hand painting in the shop. Today’s powder coating or E-coating processes produce a far superior result, and most manufacturers offer at least a 10-year warranty on the coating.

Due to the fact that the panels are rack-able on-site, the manufacturing process has become highly automated. With thousands of panels being made a year, today’s panels are much more cost effect and the price point today is actually less than it was years ago.

Ornamental Iron fences are classy, durable, and secure. Give AmeriFence of Madison a call today to see just how affordable they have become. We are your Madison fence company.