Choosing a Madison Fence Contractor to Repair Storm Damage

Here we are again in Madison Wisconsin. Another spring season with high winds, sideways rainstorms, and even the threat of tornados. As a long-term resident fence expert in Madison, I have seen these seasons come and go and listened to several customers concerned they may never get their fence repaired after giving a local fence contractor a signed proposal and deposit. As your Madison fence contractor, we wanted to offer some advice in advance of our Madison spring storm season, I have some pointers below.

  • Don’t be afraid of the large contractors in Madison, Wisconsin. Many of our local homeowners believe they will pay a significant premium if they select an established larger fence contractor to repair their fence. Please remember these contractors built their business on being competitive and providing excellent customer service. After waiting for several weeks with no return phone call, many Madison homeowners cannot reach their fence contractor of choice as all they have is a cell phone. No bricks and mortar location to visit, leaving them with only the option of another unanswered call. Larger established contractors will have bricks and mortar locations with sales and office staff who can answer your questions.
  • Keep deposits in check. In the Madison home improvement business, it is not uncommon to put a 50% deposit down. Never pay 100%. Madison fence contractors should be paid enough for them to purchase materials. These same Madison fence companies should have enough cash flow for operations and labor. If a local fence contractor states he needs full payment before starting the work; they may not be utilizing the best business practices that may lead to a future failed business.
  • Start dates do not translate into completion dates. If you ask your local fence contractor when he will complete your fence and they state “I should be able to get started in two weeks.” Ask again “But when will you complete my fence?” Many Madison home contractors deploy the philosophy if they can demonstrate some work started the homeowner will be satisfied for an extended period of time so they can finish later.
  • Years of service add up to a great reputation serving Madison, Wisconsin. Many Madison fence contractors want to remain small. They like being their own boss. Don’t be shy of small Madison fence contractors who have a track record of business in your area. If your fence contractor has been doing business for at least three years; it should become apparent he may be doing something right. Be wary of the weekend warriors with a sign on the door but no record of doing business in Madison. You may want to support the underdog and give someone new a chance. But do you want to be the testing grounds for someone who decides this line of work is not for them?