Security Gates for Madison Schools

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Madison school fencing and gates are of the utmost importance in establishing a barrier between our children and outsiders. We are your Madison fence company, and in a review of a number of Madison readers’ comments we received from our first two blogs on school fencing, we felt compelled to further review the necessity of school fencing, gates, and its location.   Below are some of the highest priorities for architects and school officials designing and improving our school facilities. 

  • Location of gates.  Designers must consider the location of gates specific to where children travel and play.  Facility access sliding and swing gates are necessary to provide egress and ingress into playgrounds, ball fields, and service areas.   But these gates are also a liability for our children.  These gates are heavy, move quickly and represent several pinch and crush points.  
  • Gate security.  It is required in every Madison school that school officials check all facility doors at the beginning and end of each day to assure no breach.  Should we not also be checking all facility perimeter gates as well?  All gates should be equipped with locking systems that are not easily cut and removed.  The fencing industry provides a great deal of non-removable and non-cut locking systems. 
  • Safety signage.  All gates should be equipped with easily interrupted by children signage.  This signage should demonstrate the pinch points and dangers of operating gates, discouraging children from opening or playing on these gates. 
  • Gates establish boundaries.  How close do you want outsiders to your children?  Gates and perimeter fencing should be incorporated into all Madison schools that push back the boundaries, creating space between our children and outsiders.  Madison school officials should consider placing gates that the streets and sidewalks which may be several feet from school entrances.  These gates should be shut during the school day and locked when school is not in session.  Main entrance gates may be left open establishing a single point of entry for outsiders. 

The sooner our Madison school officials understand the necessity of and care of perimeter fencing and gates at our Madison schools; the safer our children will be.